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Version 1.1 By Macro Apps LLC
Ear Spy : Super Ear application is bsased on smartphone Microphone.
It's for people who want to hear low sounds, if you want to have fun with friends or family.
Super Ear gives you the ability to eavesdrop on those around you like Amplifier .
It amplifies sound coming from you phone microphone to your earphones.
You listen to people talk about you in the other room deoending on how good is your phone.
You can use it for ghost hunt to hear a sound like walking.

Enter the app an click the red button and start listening to conversations

✔ Simple listening device.
✔ High quality sound.
✔ Super microphone with high fidelity system.
✔ A good Amplifier.
✔ Works in background.
✔ It is good for having fun
✔ Adjust Volume using seekbar
✔ Extended Equalizer with 10 bands:
• Normal
• Classical
• Dance
• Flat
• Folk
• Heavy Metal
• Hip Hop
• Jazz
• Pop
• Rock

✔ No Ads
✔ Pro Mic widget
✔ Recording

Q & A:

Q.Does Ear Mate : Super Ear support recording ?
A.Yes, the app support recording with high quaity.

Q.Can i use the app as a hearing aid ?
A.Definitely no, the app is created for fun and it's a tool to transmit sound from mic to specker,
we're not responsible for any misuse of the app.

Q.Can i use it to watch TV ?
A.Of course, Whether you want to listen to nature, have a conversation,
or just hear the TV better.

Q.Does it work if i used Bluetooth headsets ?
A.Using Bluetooth headset brings additional delay to sound transmission and Possible echoing can appear
We cannot guarantee that the quality of the application functioning with a Bluetooth headset will be
comparable to the quality of the application functioning with a wired headset due to specific features of Bluetooth standard.

Earphones are required, and failure to use headphones will result in awful audio feedback. You have been warned!


We do not accept using Ear Spy : Super Ear to spy or to break laws or interlude on private conversations.
Please use Ear Spy : Super Ear on your responsibility.
UploadedSep 24, 2018
DeveloperMacro Apps LLC
Email[email protected]

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